Electric Rope Shovels

Cat® Electric Rope Shovels are designed for maximum efficiency, including features like LatchFree™ Dipper Systems and industry-leading cab visibility.

Carrying your operations to minimised
downtime and greater profitability

Mantrac's range of Cat Electric Rope Shovels are equipped with a revolutionary system that eliminates the number one cause of rope shovel downtime. The maintenance-intensive latch assembly is replaced with a strong steel link assembly, offering lower maintenance costs and a higher uptime. These machines also offer an optimal pass match with Cat Mining Trucks.

With a variety of configurations, there is a perfect Electric Rope Shovel for your operations. Choose between a scale of dipper payload capabilities, regular or high floatation undercarriage, regular rope crowd systems or HydraCrowd™, which replaces crowd and retract ropes with a hydraulic cylinder, and much more. Enjoy a lower cost per ton and a bigger bottom line.

Electric Rope Shovels