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Component Repairs

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Automated repairs for safe, secure and profitable operations

We know that recovering from equipment failure and downtime will be costly to your operation; time and money that could be put towards the growth of your business.

That's why Mantrac offers plans that predict and tackle component repair needs for your equipment, considering factors like hours of use and cost-benefit analyses.

Basic or Basic Plus

Basic covers rebearing and reseal with fixed, up-front costs, while Basic Plus includes additional parts and performance restoration, extending component life up to 50%.

  • <1,000 hours/year
  • <2 years of ownership
  • <50% the cost of a new equipment

Basic or Basic Plus
Rebuild or Reman

End-to-end rebuild to give your component a second life with a 12-month warranty. Or, replace it with a Reman component for a fraction of the cost of a new equipment.

  • >1,000 hours/year
  • >2 years of ownership
  • >50% the cost of a new equipment

Rebuild or Reman


increase in costs
after component failure

12 month

warranty with
genuine Cat® parts


savings with repair kits,
compared to replacements

Why choose Mantrac component repairs?

Mantrac accounts for the major factors that effect your business, including desired turnaround time, before suggesting and executing a repair plan.

Length of ownership

Factor 1

Length of ownership

Depending on how old your equipment is and how long you plan to use it, we suggest the most viable repair option for your machines.


Factor 2


The length and frequency of usage of your machine also inform our recommendation for your operations.


Factor 3


We consider your budget in our recommendations, above and below 50% the price of your machine when you first bought it.