Work Area Vision System (WAVS)

On busy jobsites the only constant is change. Get parts that bring you critical awareness of your surroundings.

Improve vision, enhance safety and increase productivity

Specifically developed and designed for use in rugged applications and environments, the Cat® Work Area Vision System (WAVS) offers the equipment operator views from up to three closed-circuit cameras viewable on a 7” inch LCD colour monitor.

WAVS is integrated with your machine for automatic views, prompted by machine motion, so when the machine is placed in reverse, for example, the system is automated to provide the pre-determined view. The machine operator can effortlessly scroll thru views, improving productivity and visibility.


Robust design withstands 15Gs of vibration and offers protection from high-pressure washing, removal of condensation, snow and ice. The photochromic lens darkens in ultraviolet light exposure.

Position the cameras to view blind spot locations, reducing machine incidents due to poor visibility and reducing guesswork on machine surroundings.

Total visibility increases machine up-time and operator efficiency.

Clear, easy to see image in LCD display. Operator maintains forward direction as the display shows machine surroundings and reduces operator's positional motion.

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