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Lights And Accessories

See and be seen with ideal lighting components and systems

In extreme outdoor and off-road environments, your Cat equipment require heavy duty lighting for optimal operator performance. Cat lights are designed to withstand tough site conditions and perform reliably.

Enjoy long life and low maintenance costs with accessories made of durable material, built to meet superior specifications of water spray and vibration resistance.

LED Lights

Cat LED lights last for longer than 25,000 hours, all while reducing eye strain for your operators.

HID Lights

High Intensity Gas Discharge (HID) lights are designed to increase machine and operator productivity in high hour (over 10,000 hours) in around-the-clock or extended night operations.

Halogen Lights

Cat Shock-Resistant Halogen lights have improved bulb life versus non shock-resistant lights, contributing to lower operating costs in applications with high vibration, where current bulb life is short.

Overall Productivity

Cat lights are designed to withstand extreme environments while offering a long life and low maintenance costs.