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Articulated Trucks

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New Articulated Trucks


Take the load off your operations in tough site conditions

An Articulated Truck that is durable and easy to use promotes productivity and efficiency on the job site, even in challenging conditions. Depending on operational requirements, Mantrac provides customised or versatile machines. If your operations frequently complete a certain type of project, Mantrac may recommend an Articulated Truck equipped with technology for specialised operations and powerful results in challenging conditions.

On the other hand, Articulated Trucks can also serve you across industries and applications. Mantrac identifies and provides customisable machine models that perform predictably and reliably across application types. The Cat range offers several options, including articulated trucks with or without a dump body, short or long wheel bases, and three-axle configurations. Maximise your investment with next-generation engineering for improved fuel economy and longer maintenance intervals.

Take the load off your operations in tough site conditions