Motor Graders

The Cat® Motor Grader range helps you take on the most uneven terrains, grading and preparing the ground for a strong foundation.

Grading your operations on the highest
and most consistent scale

Start your project on a strong foundation with Mantrac's Cat motor grader, capable of leveling any surface to a workable plane. Grade soil, mixed gravel, rock, and sand with a high degree of productivity and a low cost per hour. Every model offers comfort for operators and greater efficiency for your operation. The cab is the best in-class, offering superior comfort and excellent visibility. The range has a variety of models that are tailorable to your project requirements, including varying blade widths, hydraulics and control-type options.

These machines are highly manoeuvrable on the job-site, allowing to process uneven ground and making it consistent to achieve superior compaction. This is especially true in tighter spaces like curbs and manholes. A Mantrac Motor Grader is designed for versatility in construction, ideal for grading even in the finishing stages.

Motor Graders