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Health, Quality and Safety

Promoting sustainable productivity from our operations to yours

At Mantrac, we have a deliberate culture that fosters a healthy and safe work environment. We believe this is key in providing quality products and solutions to our customers, who ultimately benefit from productive and lucrative operations.

Every Mantrac branch follows the Cat® best practices to foster a healthy and safe work environment. As a result, our products and services are of a high-quality standard, translating into productivity and growth for your operations.

Safety Training

Our employees undergo rigorous health and safety training prior to working in our branches, so we are always prepared to counter potential accidents.

From storage and handling to heavy machine operation, our personnel employ best practices across our supply chain.


We utilise predictive technology to aid in minimising the risk of human error and enhancing overall safety.

Our technology suite includes drone analytics, camera and LIDAR to avoid collisions and operator fatigue detection for moving equipment.


Our customers can rely on receiving exceptional products and services, supported by a productive workforce with a deliberate culture of health and safety.

Strict contamination control practices, for example, ensure that shipments are sent to you in perfect condition. We also use performance data to deliver high-quality products with lower lifecycle costs and longer warranty periods.

Mantrac is ISO 9001:2015 certified

This means we're committed to meeting the highest international standards so we can provide our customers with the best in products and services. We strive for efficiency, quality and consistency in all that we do, including sales and after sales support, rental of machinery and heavy equipment, and the engineering, design and execution of our Power Systems projects.

We ensure quality management through:

  • Continuous improvement of our processes
  • Preventing problems before they arise
  • Reliable delivery