Keep all your connected parts in check with belts made to fit a range of equipments and engines.

Keep the wheels turning for your assets with durable belts

As a global leader for over 85 years, Caterpillar provides the highly competitive belt technology and options suitable to be used on products for all industries we support. Cat® Belts are manufactured and tested for ideal traction, speed and long service life on Cat machines to prevent slippage and alignment problems.

Replace cracked, worn or frayed belts to avoid failure. On matched belt sets, always replace the complete set to avoid uneven load on belts, pulleys, bearings and shafts. Choose from a range of belt types, including Cogged, Non-Cogged, Serpentine or Banded-Cogged.

Wide Range

With well over 900 belts from which to choose you can be certain we have the right belt for your machine.

Manufactured and tested for ideal traction, speed and long service life

Our durable belts prevent slippage and alignment problems, which ultimately leads to longer service intervals and a maximised investment.

The range includes four main categories of belts, with ribs spanning from two to 14.

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