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Perkins Power Solutions

Engines to sustainably and reliably power your operations, on land or sea.

Perkins is a world-leading supplier of off-highway diesel and gas engines, for all prime and standby electicity generation needs. With a range of 4-2000 kW (5-2800 hp), their expansive portfolio is suitable to all operations.

Mantrac is proud to bring customers more power solution options from the Perkins range, delivered by Delta Group, a Mantrac sister company. We leverage the long established history of the Perkins brand, to bring you holistic customer service and comprehensive coverage options.

Established Provider

85 year track record of providing a comprehensive range of diesel and gas engines in the industry

Industry Knowledge

Product portfolio for various industries such as agriculture, construction, and electric power

Top-Tier Emissions Compliance

To ensure emissions standards, Perkins has employed many technologies, including selective catalytic reduction

Catered to local needs

Perkins works with OEMs and distributors like Delta, a Mantrac sister company, to develop specialised solutions for local markets around the world

Comprehensive Warranties

Standard 24 month or 3,000 hour warranties, with the possibility of extension with higher emissions control levels

Intelligent Data

The latest technologies like low-cost engine level telematics devices and award-winning applications to monitor data

Perkins Power Solutions


Select up to three models:

Model 1
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730 Three Axle Articulated Trucks
Model 2
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730 Three Axle Articulated Trucks
Model 3
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730 Three Axle Articulated Trucks