Keep your equipment running on tires from the only equipment manufacturer in the world to makes tire for maximised asset performance.

Tires reinvented for maximum performance across terrains and jobsite applications

Cat® Flexport™ Tires are designed specifically for your wheel loaders and skid steer loaders. They are available in three different tread patterns, off-the-road, smooth-tread and construction.

These heavy duty tires deliver peak performance and productivity in extreme operating conditions and on the toughest jobs.

Deeper Tread

Treading on these tires deliver longer wear life and better traction on any surface.

Cat Tires help your equipment traverse tough terrain and transition smoothly from unimproved to improved surfaces.

Treading reduces corner damage or chunking, ultimately yielding cost savings and higher productivity for equipment owners.

High-quality steel rims and the most superior quality rubber compounds provide maximum durability in the toughest applications.

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Your Next Great Deal

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