Mantrac assisted Cairo 3A in running operations in one of its remote farms, where there is no grid connectivity. A total solution for power and after-sales services helped the company achieve its targets and see operational growth.

12 weeks

Complete solution delivered and executed

21 farms

Expansion with 10 MVA power requirement

18 months

Warranty coverage period, or alternatively 7,000 operating hours

Facilitating the expansion of a poultry company from 8 to nearly 30 farms

Cairo 3A poultry farm had a remote site in Cairo, Egypt, without grid connectivity. This presented a series challenge for the company's operations' the absence of grid-tied power solutions. The company wanted an independent network of power systems, along with after-sales service, warranty coverage for extensive usage and flexible payment terms.

Within 12-weeks, Mantrac supplied 20 canopy gensets (C13-400 IN). Each of the eight farms were given two gensets, while four gensets were kept as standby. Mantrac aligned with Cat to arrange a tailored payment plan; a 50% down payment and 50% paid over six months. Further, consultants provided a remote monitoring solution to manage operational expenses in real-time.