We are able to provide flexible financing options with the knowledge that our products and services have the potential to boost your profitability.

Customisable financing for a hassle-free investment and profitable future

Whether you are looking to invest in our Cat® machines or power systems, Mantrac is here to make the acquisition process comfortable for your operations. Whatever your budget requirements, our financial consultants are here to negotiate a mutually beneficial arrangement.

For power solutions, we also offer power purchasing agreement with payment plans tailored to your operations. Mantrac also strives to bring you flexibility on payment periods, limiting involvement with banks and financial institutions for easy coordination and lower interest rates.


options for financing
and acquisition

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in-house teams dedicated
to financial solutions


cost-benefit analysis services,
before you make an investment

Mantrac is committed to bringing your operations a solution that supports a healthy cash flow for your business. Depending on your history as a Mantrac customer, we provide options to make payments from your returns on investment.

Investment sourcing
Investment sourcing

Mantrac leverages its large network to facilitate approvals of low-interest loans or attract angel investors for your operations.

Solution-based plans
Solution-based plans

Depending on your required solution from Mantrac, we offer a variety of financing options. For power systems, these include independent power plant (IPP) agreements.

Rental inventory
Rental inventory

Mantrac has a large inventory of pre-owned machines that are well-maintained and reliable, giving you the option of a cost-effective and immediate solution.


Mantrac's range of equipment covers virtually every machine and power generation for operations big and small.


From pre-purchase consults to end-of-lifecycle benefits, our services are designed to inform, advise and partner with you.

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