Cat® Sensors bring your operations accurate measurements on liquid level, position, pressure, speed and timing, and temperature.

Stay ahead by pre-empting your equipment requirements

Our product line includes liquid level sensors, pulse width modulated pressure sensors, active speed sensors, high accuracy speed timing sensors, position sensors, and temperature sensors.

In addition to basic fuel level sensors, the full range is also popular in industrial, off-highway, diesel, and engine applications.

Position Sensors

Cylinder Position Sensors, Heavy Duty Rotary Position Sensors, Medium Duty Rotary Position Sensors and Steering Wheel Position Sensors.

Choose from High Pressure PWM Sensors, Integral Connector Pressure Sensors and Wire Leaded PWM Pressure Sensors.

Hall Effect Active Speed Sensors, High Accuracy Timing Sensors and Low Speed Timing Sensors.

PWM Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors, Exhaust Gas Thermocouples, PWM Temperature Sensors and Active and Passive Temperature Sensors.

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