Mantrac Support


From pre-purchase consults to end-of-lifecycle benefits, Mantrac informs, advises and partners with you.

Services that cover you from pre-purchase decision making to lifecycle management and beyond

1. Facilitating your purchase

We help facilitate your procurement process with a deep understanding of your business needs and constraints

  • Up to 24,000 hours warranty coverage
  • 5+ flexible financing options

2. Optimising your operations

Mantrac experts help your teams become proficient with managing your fleet and utilising technology to maximise your productivity

  • 30% lower fuel costs with Mantrac training
  • 45% higher uptime with site technologies

3. Support for the long haul

We provide customisable end-to-end plans to lower your owning and operating costs, regardless of your fleet composition

  • 100% of basic repair costs are fixed upfront
  • 90% of failures can be avoided with maintenance

Here for You Through Every Stage

Our end-to-end services cover everything from maintenance and repair to financing and ownership.

Repairs Repairs

Repair parts and equipment that have exceeded its warranty period, been in operation for many years, or have failed completely.

Warranty-covered repairs and maintenance, customer value agreements, scheduled oil sampling and more.

Secured coverage on machine performance and spare part availability.

Best practices for safe, efficient and profitable operations, on-site or off.

Upgrade old and new assets with technology to continuously optimise performance.

This facility delivers industry-leading rebuilding, testing, painting and finishing work to exacting Cat® standards.