Warranty-covered repairs and maintenance, customer value agreements, scheduled oil sampling and more, all using cutting-edge Cat® diagnostic tools and parts.

Delivering the highest standard of service to maximise your investment

Mantrac brings you the highest quality of servicing products and flexible maintenance plans, enhancing productivity and thereby, profitability. Our technicians and engineers make themselves a part of your team, committed to providing the best possible maintenance for your long-term success.

Choose comprehensive contracts like a Customer Value Agreement or Cat 360° for maximised profitability. Alternatively, choose specific services like Scheduled Oil Sampling (S.O.SSM) and Condition Monitoring.

“We have Mantrac competitors coming to us and offering us other generator sets and incentives. But nothing can make me change my mind about Mantrac.”

Jay Keswani
Jay Keswani

Director, Ehtylene Products and Lubricants Ltd., Nigeria

“We are very satisfied with the durability of our Cat machines. We have some that are over 7-8 years old and are still productive with basic periodic maintenance.”

Erhansyah Yusuf
Erhansyah Yusuf

Procurement Manager, Golden Veroleum Liberia

Service Solutions

Explore the full range of Mantrac's service offerings, from technology and training to alternative project solutions.

Customer Value Agreements
Customer Value Agreements
Customisable maintenance agreements for operations that run smoothly and predictably.
Equipment Protection Plans (EPP)
Equipment Protection Plans (EPP)
Customisable maintenance agreements that protects your assets in cases of unforeseen downtime.
The Cat 360° Advantage
The Cat 360° Advantage
All-round support for every conceivable business and equipment need, from financing and operations to maintenance and technical support.
Scheduled Oil Sampling
Scheduled Oil Sampling
Our Scheduled Oil Sampling (S.O.SSM) service helps control the risk of contamination with scientific analysis, keeping your equipment operations efficient.
Condition Monitoring
Condition Monitoring
Reduce fuel costs, enhance productivity and increase profitability. Gain insight into your equipment's performance with periodic reporting.


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savings with oils like

 Cat HYDO™ Advanced 10

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Mantrac's range of equipment covers virtually every machine and power generation for operations big and small.


From pre-purchase consults to end-of-lifecycle benefits, our services are designed to inform, advise and partner with you.

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