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Health Care

Solutions to power the health care industry

Uninterrupted, reliable power is a necessity for health care operations. Mantrac goes beyond this requirement, promoting the profitability of the business and fostering a healthy and productive environment for medical staff, personnel and patients. First, our consultants and engineers take stock of your existing assets. UPS, automated transfer switching, and other technical infrastructure can be integrated seamlessly. We will conduct a cost-benefit analysis for any other assets, and accordingly recommend integration with new equipment or replacement.

Our consultants then identify gensets that can predictably and consistently reach your output requirements, while creating minimal ambient noise. Mantrac engineers use an enclosure, either newly fabricated or existing, to further enable quiet operation of your power generation system. Overall, our solutions will prove its quality and reliability from the first day of operation. A project manager supports you throughout the consideration, acquisition and maintenance process, so you always have a dedicated person to turn if concerns arise.

Predictable Energy Costs

Varying energy costs can be detrimental to your business. Our solutions perform consistently, bringing you closer to energy independence.

Dependable Quality

Avoid unexpected blackouts or downtime. Our systems are configured to perform with the highest efficiency and built to last a lifetime.

Easy Integration

Eliminate implementation difficulties at every stage. We offer systems that seamlessly connect with your existing equipment and future upgrades.

Competitive Technology

Reduce your fuel costs. Our solutions can be integrated with fuel-saving technologies for a more efficient and cost-effective power solution.

Performance Insights

Always know where you stand with your equipment. Our systems provide real-time analytics and load division, allowing you more control over every performance parameter.

Hassle-Free Service

Don't let logistics interfere with your growth. Our project management experts serve you as a single point of contact, resolving issues and promoting uptime.