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Career Opportunities

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At Mantrac, we foster a thriving and innovative community of professionals.

Mantrac is a leading authorised Caterpillar dealer representative, with locations across Africa, Russia, the UK and UAE. At Mantrac, we value our talent and are in constant search for the best personnel for the job. Start your search for a career with Mantrac.

Gain more than just benefits

In addition to standard benefits like health insurance and paid time off, our employees receive world-class training for professional development.

Diverse teams

We attract industry experts from around the world at every level of our company. Our employees are dedicated to help each other reach their full potential.

Growth with customers

Our employees are tuned to the latest industry and market insights to grow professionally while informing customer operations for enhanced profitability.

To view all of our current vacancies and to apply, please visit us on wuzzuf.com.

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Personal Details

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Employment History

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