Safety Training

Keep your staff safe and your equipment safe. Mantrac's safety training helps your personnel prepare for any eventuality with proper operational techniques.

Let your in-house teams make proactive interventions to eliminate repair and downtime risks

In addition to standard safety protocols across our training programs, Mantrac also offers dedicated safety training for employees who operate a variety of machinery. Our goal is to make safety protocols second nature at your job site, ensuring that there risks to your staff and operations are eliminated.

Whether your personnel are going inside, over, or under your equipment, our trainers instil safety protocol into your employees' routines.

Hazard encounter protocol

Our trainers will cover everything from the likely and unlikely issues your team may encounter on the job site, so your operations are prepared for any eventuality

  • Hazard communication
  • Emergency action plans
  • Bloodborne pathogen exposure control

Operator and worker safety

We ensure that your employees know the best practices before starting any job on the site to minimise the risk of injury

  • Sling and hoist safety for fall protection
  • Welding and hot work safety
  • Fire protection

Basics Review

Mantrac will reinforce the safety basics to keep your personnel safe during routine operations

  • Protective equipment
  • Lockout /tagout protocol
  • Jacking and blocking


service-based courses


safety courses


operator-specific courses

Mantrac training courses include in-class, online and in-situation lessons, providing your personnel a holistic learning experience.

Maximised ROI
Maximised ROI

By equipping your teams with the best operational practices, your assets perform optimally and require minimal maintenance, ultimately leads to enhanced profitability.


We tailor our course material based on your team's current skill level. Mantrac trainers can conduct individual trainings or in groups up to 10.

Mantrac tools
Mantrac tools

We offer resources online and in our training centres around the world to help your team build on their learning for continuous optimisation.


Mantrac's range of equipment covers virtually every machine and power generation for operations big and small.


From pre-purchase consults to end-of-lifecycle benefits, our services are designed to inform, advise and partner with you.

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