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End-to-end solutions for the utilities industry

Combining world-renowned Cat equipment and systems with world-class product support teams, Mantrac brings your application in the utilities industry an entire spectrum of solutions. Whether you are looking for electricity, water or waste applications, we provide the right mix of technology and power to meet your operational goals.

In the electricity industry, we consider fuel prices, customer trends and generation capacity for the right solutions. In the waste and water industries, we provide solutions that employ technologies like combined heat and power (CHP) and Anaerobic Digestion (AD) to minimise your fuel costs. Our mission is to provide utilities solutions that help your operations meet targets with maximum profitability.

Customer Value Agreements

Our customers in the utilities industry benefit from CVAs, which covers timely part delivery to your door for continually running operations.

Greater Returns

An investment in a premium Cat solution from Mantrac comes with measurably greater returns for your operations, starting with machine efficiency.

Extended Warranties

Depending on the number of hours your machines run, Mantrac can offer an extension on the Cat-standard warranty.

Service Responsiveness

Our large network of branches and field engineers are easily accessible, ensuring quick service and repairs for minimal downtime.