JLG Equipment

JLG is the world-leading designer and manufacturer of access equipment. Whether looking for telehandlers, aerial work platforms or other lift equipment, JLG guarantees quality, safety and reliability.

Raising the Bar on Access Equipment Standards

JLG provides globally-recognised and industry leading lifts, telehandlers and aerial platforms. Whether lifting and lowering people or materials, in harsh or temperate conditions, there's a machine that supports your operations and site requirements.

Please note:
Mantrac provides JLG Equipment in Egypt only.

JLG is known for its high quality products, industry-leading practices and admirable corporate values. We are proud to offer their machines and consult on the best selections as a part of providing our end-to-end solutions.

More equipment choices

JLG has created multiple access equipments such as lifts, stock pickers, telehandlers and more, that are ready for every application.

JLG has equipment dedicated to specialised industries including agriculture and landscaping, commercial and retail, demolition, energy, general construction, heavy construction, mining, and warehouse and distribution.

JLG has expanded the number of machinery provided exponentially since their initiation. Additionally, new technologies are available including clear sky, remote analyzer reader, and more.

Founded in 1969, JLG has changed the nature of work with their industry-leading innovations and has expanded as an industry leader.

JLG donates to community engagement programs across the world to support programs that assist in providing for basic needs (including food, shelter and economic self-sufficiency), youth mentoring programs, economic development and sustainability.

JLG has maintained membership in 26 organisations for specialty industries, tools, ethics and more. Additionally they hold ISO 9001 certification, ensuring quality with every product and service provided.

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