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Preventative Maintenance Training

Let your in-house teams make proactive interventions to eliminate repair and downtime risks

An inefficient system is less productive, ultimately leading to catastrophic failure. We are committed to helping you avoid this situation at all costs. That's why we have a dedicated team of experts to train your personnel on keeping a healthy fleet. This means greater uptime and productivity, ultimately leading to increased profitability and return on investment.

Our Preventative Maintenance program covers all equipment types, including the entire range for aging machines and retrofit equipment. Our trainers tailor programs based on the needs and skill level of your personnel, with typical duration between two and 10 days.


Our trainers will cover the basics on operating your assets for minimal wear and tear.

  • Engine fundamentals
  • Power train fundamentals
  • Engine start/stop procedures

We will show your personnel how to use the in-built features of your assets to enhance productivity while increasing equipment lifecycle.

  • Electric Control Module functions
  • Basic and countershaft transmissions
  • Transmission filter features and ratings

Our experts show your operators and service personnel why and how to keep your machines running smoothly and safely.

  • Contamination control
  • Transmission fluids and chemical properties


service-based courses


safety courses


operator-specific courses

Why train with us?

Our training courses include in-class, online and in-situation lessons, providing your personnel a holistic learning experience.

Maximised ROI

Benefit 1

Maximised ROI

By equipping your teams with the best operational practices, your assets perform optimally and require minimal maintenance, ultimately leads to enhanced profitability.


Benefit 2


We tailor our course material based on your team's current skill level. Our trainers can conduct individual trainings or in groups up to 10.

Our tools

Benefit 3

Our tools

We offer resources online and in our training centres around the world to help your team build on their learning for continuous optimisation.