Cylinder Seals

Parts that are specifically designed to handle the increasing pressures and temperatures of today's hydraulic cylinders.

High-quality seals to fill the gaps in operational efficiency

Our range includes over 1,000 options for seals, which covers the parts needs of all kinds of assets and applications. Resealing is one of the quick ways that you can lower your operating costs and improve hydraulic system performance.

The proprietary Cat urethane material brings improved performance, delivering 25% better compression and a wider range of temperature applications. These durable seals don't degrade easily, increasing your service intervals and profitability.

Double Lip Wiper Seal Design

Provides optimum contact with the rod to keep out contaminants. In addition, vents molded into the radius of the internal lip help prevent these seals from unseating themselves during operation.

This design ensures uniform contact of the oil-sealing lip, helping deliver top performance and wear life. Cat U-cup seals work together with the buffer seals to optimize sealing performance while minimizing pressure buildup.

These Cat seals exert pressure on the rod, only when necessary. And because vents provide a passage for high pressure to be relieved back into the cylinder, Cat buffer seals minimize pressure buildup, reducing U-cup failure.

Cat wiper, U-cup and buffer seals feature design improvements that enhance performance, reduce leakage and increase seal life.

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