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Paving and Surfacing

Paving the way to your operation's growth

Mantrac's equipment solutions meet the needs of the full spectrum of paving and surfacing applications, from walkways and parking lots to runways and inter-state highways.

Our consultants help you pick the right machine while decreasing your time working on the job site, whether you are building a completely new road or resurfacing an old one. With expertise on soil stabilisation and utilising old pavements, Mantrac specialists help mininimise the time and money spent in hauling away old material and starting from scratch. Our industry-leading Cat Compaction Control technology is the only one in the market that offers real-time data on number of passes with proof of compaction without vibrations. This comes as a standard on all our comapction machines, enahncing productivity and achieving the desired compaction level.

Guaranteed Performance

Tested under the most extreme conditions, our paving and surfacing equipment can halve your costs and number of passes.

Comprehensive Performance

Keep your operations running, with service and financing options including complete payment after you finish a job and trade-ins of your old-machine.

Proven Reliability

Our solutions have an impressive track record of paving and surfacing functions, including in civil, construction and road building.

Application-Based Solutions

Depending on the scale, size and nature of your application, Mantrac provides basic, standard and high-performance equipment options.

Ensuring All-Round Productivity

Keep operations running. Mantrac promotes your productivity starting from operator safety in the machine to training your team on-site to fully harness the power of your investment.

Customisable Functionality

Leave your output requirements in our hands. We tailor our machines and services to make sure you don't under- or over-compact for your specific application.