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Scheduled Oil Sampling

The fastest and most accurate way to assess and maintain asset health

S.O.SSM uses sophisticated analysis methods to study fluids across components, including engines, transmission, hydraulic systems and final drives. It is the most simple and cost-effective way to avoid excessive repair bills.

Our commitment is to foresee and address any risk of downtime, so you can rely on uninterrupted operations and steady profits.


S.O.SSM customers


red-level alerts detected and resolved


samples analysed to date

Why S.O.S?

Our detailed oil and coolant testing captures information on wear elements, oil viscosity, Total Base Number (TBN) counts and fuel or water contamination. All studies are conducted in our sophisticated in-house laboratories, with nearly a quarter of samples coming from non-Cat equipment.


Sampling type 1


Lubricated systems are scrutinised for signs of degradation like wear metals, dirt and fuel. Particles are analysed and the source of contaminants are identified to enable correct repair.


Sampling type 2


Chemical compositions of additives are studied for imbalances through routine checks or in-depth analyses. Issues are then pinpointed for resolution.


Sampling type 3


Quality checks and microbial growth are tracked to prevent excessive wear on critical components like valves, valve guides, pistons and rings.