Use our research insights to upgrade your equipment for enhanced performance, ergonomics, access/egress, owning and operating costs or serviceability improvements.

Researched and tested value additions to enhance every performance parameter

Take advantage of Cat-evaluated and applied retrofit features for your equipment. Mantrac works with you to see how these valuable retrofit features can help enhance your operations from basic maintenance to job site productivity.

Our retrofit kits are reliable, durable and easy to assemble, backed by the Cat parts warranty. So wherever your job takes you, these kits are readily serviceable with parts support from Mantrac branches around the world.

Get Fully Equipped

Add features that were available, but not purchased, when your equipment was new

Add features introduced on newer equipment, which were not available when earlier models were new

Update safety, comfort, performance, maintenance, and/or appearance of earlier equipment

Extend useful product life while adding features for greater profit, including a higher resale value

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Your Next Great Deal

Your Next Great Deal

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