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Promoting maximum on-site productivity in the shortest possible timeframe

Our end-to-end expertise in power solutions for the Residential industry makes us a preferred provider, worldwide. From accurately sizing a site and recommending a solution to installing and delivering, we have proven to be a reliable partner. With a high in-territory part availability, Mantrac is also known to maximise uptime, and therefore profitability, for every project.

Additionally, our logistics teams are driven to meet your turnaround time while facilitating ease of purchase for your operations. Utilising our well-stocked inventory, we offer supportive financing plans and delivery to your door.

Predictable Energy Costs

Inconsistent output can be detrimental to your business. Our solutions perform consistently, enhancing your operational uptime and increasing your profitability.

Dependable Quality

Avoid unexpected blackouts or downtime. Our systems are configured to perform with the highest efficiency and built to last a lifetime.

Easy Integration

Eliminate implementation difficulties at every stage. We offer systems that seamlessly connect with your existing equipment and future upgrades.

Competitive Technology

Reduce your fuel costs. Our commercial solutions can be fully integrated with fuel-saving technologies for a cost-effective and reliable power solution.

Budget Friendly

We offer ownership options that cover periods of 12-36 months, depending on bank approvals. Our range of rentals also include cost-effective solutions.

Hassle-Free Service

Don't let logistics interfere with your growth. Our project management experts serve you as a single point of contact, resolving issues and promoting uptime.