HELI Equipment

HELI is an industry-leader in specialised forklift equipment. Their offerings are
reliable, efficient and affordable, to meet the material handling needs of our customers.

Lifting and hauling your materials, quickly and safely.

As a leader in forklift manufacturing and design, HELI is a preferred provider for Mantrac. Their dedication to quality and safety goes into each of their products.

Please note:
Mantrac provides HELI Equipment in East and West Africa only.

By choosing a HELI forklift, you can rest assured to have minimal costly downtime, a variety of options to meet your needs and access to quality, genuine parts.

More Forklift Options More Forklift Options

HELI has created more than 1,700 models, ranging from 1 to 46 tons capacity, to cater to every requirement.

HELI exports to over 150+ countries, so you can get your equipment where you need it.

HELI is the #1 forklift supplier in China, and 7th globally.

Heli Forklifts
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