Waste Handling
and Landfill

Reduce costly and frequent down-time. Find durable, cost-effective solutions
with reliable dealer support. Mantrac's specialised offerings cater
to all waste handling needs.

The ability to push through the highest waste piles with sustainable success

Whether having focused operations or comprehensive waste handling solutions, we have fleet and support solutions for waste collection, landfill disposal, recycling and energy generation. For every task and every condition, you will be able to excavate, spread, grade, compact, haul and load efficiently and productively. If downtime or unplanned maintenance is required, our engineers and parts are readily-available for remote field servicing even in demanding conditions. Find your next excavator, wheel loader, waste-configured track type tractor, terrain loader, or landfill compactor through Mantrac to ensure your longest lasting machinery and safeguard your fleet with leading dealership support.

Reliable and Durable

Mantrac only offers industry and class-leading machinery that has been researched, tested, and proven over decades for reliable operations in the waste-handling industry.

Support your operations from downtiime after intensive applications in corrosive environments. Your support team is always close by with over 44 branches worlwide.

Safeguard your fleet by customising to your needs or choose fully comprehensive support and coverage. Ensure your costs are covered and maintain your machinery to prevent any slowdown of operations.

Our ownership and financing options allow you to meet your budgetary goals, procurement requirements and manage your CAPEX and OPEX accordingly. From new, used or rental options to specialised financing, we have a solution available for you.

Always know where you stand with your equipment. Our technologies such as Productlink and Visionlink, provide real-time analytics, allowing you more control over every performance parameter.

Our experts help you to maintain the value of your investment over time with continued support, genuine parts, scheduled maintenance and rebuild capabilities. Have your machine extend beyond its lifespan and meet your operational goals.

We are committed to bolstering your operations and supporting your site goals. That's why our team of waste handling experts offer solutions dedicated to safety, cleanliness, durability, cost-effectiveness and environmental consciousness.

Popular Industry Solutions

Mantrac customers have successfully applied our tailored solutions across industry applications.

320D2 GC Hydraulic Excavator
Medium Excavators

320D2 GC Hydraulic Excavator

Operating Weight 20800 kg

Fuel Tank Capacity 410 l

D6R Track-Type Tractors
Medium Dozers

D6R Track-Type Tractors

Maximum Power - 1,800 rpm - Gross Power - ISO 14396 152 kW

Maximum Power - 1,800 rpm - Net Power - ISO 9249 158 kW

D8R Track-Type Tractor
Large Dozers

D8R Track-Type Tractor

Operating Weight 38351 kg

1 Forward 3.4 km/h

938G WHA Waste Handler
Waste Handling Arrangement

938G WHA Waste Handler

IT38H Integrated Toolcarrier
Medium Wheel Loaders

IT38H Integrated Toolcarrier

Net Power - ISO 9249 134 kW

Operating Weight 15500 kg