Bio Fuels

Our Cat® gas generator sets form highly-efficient power systems for our customers, lowering fuel consumption by up to 44%.

Promoting fuel flexible and energy self sufficiency

At Mantrac, we have the products and the expertise to navigate the complex but worthwhile process of gas-powered operations. First, our bio fuels consultants study your power requirements, analyse the quality of gas, site conditions and applications. We have gas-powered gensets designed specifically to meet these variables.

While bio fuels solutions can be applied across industries, including agriculture, food-processing and water treatment, we recognise the different requirements that come with each operation, even if the required power output is the same. Mantrac has a highly-specialised team that can pinpoint the perfect solution considering variable like required performance and loading requirements.

Higher Efficiency

Count on fuel savings for your operation. Our gas gensets are electrically efficient, delivering up to 44% lower fuel consumption.

Maximise your uptime and reduce maintenance costs. Our gas gensets consume lower oil, needing fewer and farther apart servicing.

Find the perfect fit for the most specialised power needs. From 160 to 10,000 kWh, we have the world's largest range for gas-powered gensets.

Get end-to-end support for a total power solution. We support you from consultation and acquisition to technical, electrical and mechanical support.

Partner with a dealer with an impressive track record. We have executed bio fuels solutions for over 20 years, bringing you insights on a range of fuel types.

A dedicated expert will understand your requirements, answer questions, tailor potential solutions, manage your contract and customise a service plan.

Mantrac goes beyond being a dealer of gas generator sets. We strive to be a partner to businesses in the bio fuels industry, offering end-to-end solutions from consulting to commissioning for projects across the globe.