Providing EPC solar services is not without its problems. Dense cloud cover and a lack of ready infrastructure made solar panel installation a challenge, but Mantrac was able to overcome these obstacles to deliver an advanced PV power plant for Future Group Travel. With this new solar solution, the company has reduced its fuel consumption by a significant 30%.

2,985 MWh

Annual power output

805,000 litres

Annual volume of diesel saved

2.5 tons

Weight of CO2 emissions eliminated

Bringing Future Group Travel the power to outshine the competition with Mantrac solar solutions

Future Group Travel wanted to decrease its dependability on gensets and implement a more advanced, sustainable and cost-effective solution. The company awarded Mantrac the project for its reliability and industry reputation.

Since there was no government power plant nearby, Mantrac proposed an independent 1,500 kW solar power station. This would be combined with the gensets to create a hybrid system, equipped with ManConnect® for remote monitoring, analysis of CO2 emissions and diesel fuel savings. Over 4,000 PV panels were entirely ground-mounted, making use of available space without adding infrastructure. Two power control units would be made to manage the entire system, connected by nearly 20 km of AC and DC cables combined. To overcome the risk of power interruptions to thePV power plant, Mantrac installed a cloud forecasting system that increases the system reserve to the diesel gensets in unfavourable and cold weather conditions. A camera system was installed as a safety measure to trigger alarms for operators.

The solution brought 30% savings for Future Group Travel, reducing their energy expenditure to the amount they used to spend on a single genset.

“The system reduced our fuel consumption by 30 percent. We have the largest solar energy system in all Marsa Alam which makes us stand out from our competitors.”

Mohamed Raafat Rezk

Senior Deputy CEO, Future Group Travel

“Also it helped us lower our costs, especially when the fuel prices increased in the country.”

Mohamed Raafat Rezk

Senior Deputy CEO, Future Group Travel

“The solar system helped us reduce the cost of the fuel to how much we previously used for one generator.”

Mohamed Raafat Rezk

Senior Deputy CEO, Future Group Travel