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Connecting cities, countries and continents

Mantrac has a proven track record of successfully delivering solutions to telecom operators and telecom companies. Before a solution is implemented, our consultants study your operations and understand your requirements.

Our technical teams then map the quadrants and match features and benefits that include controllers and systems with low ambient noise. Finally, our engineers design a mutually agreed upon solution that fits all your operational criteria. A dedicated Mantrac project manager will work with your team on commercial aspects, including pricing, stock management, delivery, fine lines and payment terms, for seamless solution implementation.

Predictable Energy Costs

Varying energy costs can be detrimental to your business. Our solutions perform consistently, bringing you closer to energy independence.

Dependable Quality

Avoid unexpected blackouts or downtime. Our systems are configured to perform with the highest efficiency and built to last a lifetime.

Easy Integration

Eliminate implementation difficulties at every stage. We offer systems that seamlessly connect with your existing equipment and future upgrades.

Competitive Technology

Reduce your fuel dependency. Our telecom solutions can be fully integrated with a hybrid microgrid for a clean and self-sufficient power solution.

Performance Insights

Always know where you stand with your equipment. Our systems provide real-time analytics and load division, allowing you more control over every performance parameter.

Hassle-Free Service

Don't let logistics interfere with your growth. Our project management experts serve you as a single point of contact, resolving issues and promoting uptime.