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Solar Calculator

Running a large business can be costly but you could significantly reduce your operational and maintenance costs and your carbon footprint by switching to a renewable energy source. Learn more about harnessing the power of sunlight and use our online solar saving and payback calculator now to see how much you could save!

Solar Calculator

Energising your operations with sustainable success

Mantrac renewable solar energy systems decrease costs, enhance efficiency and promote profitability in virtually every industry, application and site condition.

Hybrid renewable solar energy systems are easy to implement and can work independently, or in conjunction with existing power sources. Our Cat® solar photovoltaic (PV) panel systems have successfully powered several applications, including autonomous trucks on mining sites and production services in manufacturing plants.

Our team of solar energy experts and engineers understand your requirements to ensure our solar engineering procurement and construction (EPC) services are tailored to your needs, helping you achieve your end goal.

Predictable solar system costs

Varying energy costs can be detrimental to your business. Our solutions perform consistently, bringing you closer to energy independence.

Dependable solar solutions

Avoid unexpected blackouts or downtime. Our systems are configured to perform with the highest efficiency and built to last a lifetime.

Easy Integration

Eliminate implementation difficulties at every stage. We offer systems that seamlessly connect with your existing equipment and future upgrades.

Competitive technology

Take the guess work out of your operations. Use our predictive technology, including cloud forecasting and remote monitoring tools, for an edge over the competition.

Performance insights

Always know where you stand with your equipment. Our systems provide real-time analytics and load division, allowing you more control over every performance parameter.

Custom EPC applications

Grapple with every challenge, sustainably. Mantrac's Cat-certified engineers create custom and renewable systems, like solar carports or chemical-free desalination systems.

Solution Spotlight

Mantrac has helped companies across industries solve real-world challenges by implementing powerful renewable solutions, cost-effectively.

Powering a sustainable future for tourism
Solution Spotlight
Powering a sustainable future for tourism

As part of our solar EPC services, Mantrac designed and installed a 1.5 MW photovoltaic power plant…

ManAqua: Solar Water Desalination Plant
Solution Spotlight
ManAqua: Solar Water Desalination Plant

Mantrac designed a completely solar-powered water desalination and purification system that is cost-…