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Cat Payload With Truck Production Management System

Lighting the path to greater fleet productivity

Cat® Payload with Truck Production Management is a payload weighing system that improves fleet productivity and reduces operating costs. It uses external lights or an optional digital display to signal the loader that the proper load has been reached.

Factory integrated

Built-in components for better performance, security and support.

Increased productivity

Improve productivity by 25% and consistently meet optimal payload with operators of all experience levels.

Maximised efficiency

Easy to learn in-cab display functions for onboard payload, load counter for tracking daily payloads, total tons moved and payload trends.

Maximum productivity and profitability

Keep production targets on track using Cat® Payload technologies. Track production right from the cab or remotely when combined with Cat Link technologies.

Integrated Cat technologies

  • Experience built-in reliability with integrated components that are protected from damage; ensures long life, reliable control, and accurate results.
  • Easy operation integrated into machine display allows for simplified viewing and navigation.
  • Load to exact specification without under or overloading; load more trucks faster; move more material; generate more revenue.
  • Track daily productivity from the cab with quick access to truck target weights, loads and cycle counts, material movement, and daily totals.
Maximise productivity

  • Boost job site productivity up to 25% vs. Traditional loading with improve quality and consistency for operators at all experience levels.
  • Achieve precise load target and increase loading efficiency with on-the-go weighing and real time estimates of your payload.
  • Work efficiently, every pass by reducing passes and speed time to completion. Save time, labor, fuel and material consumption.
  • Extend the work day by working in a visibility limited area and around the clock using visual guidance.

Rethink Machine Technology | Cat® Payload Systems

Overloading doesn't just increase fuel costs. It also impacts safety, tire costs, component life and more.

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