ManAqua is our solar-powered desalination solution, designed as a low-cost solution for running water. Facilitating the ease of access to clean water, especially in many parts of Africa, water desalination by solar energy can be used in a variety of applications. These include residential buildings, food processing factories, agriculture, remote villages, oil and gas offshore sites, military applications, tourism compounds and industrial districts.

30 litres

Volume of water with just 11.5 kWp of solar power

40 feet

Longest portion of the ManAqua solar solution module

10 litres

Volume of water with just 6 kWp of solar power

Facilitating the expansion of a poultry company from 8 to nearly 30 farms

ManAqua is a renewable power solution for water treatment, resolving challenges and meeting requirements across a range of industries. The solar desalination system is flexible to fit various site sizes, including roof or ground-mounted PV panels. This high-quality solar desalination plant does not require any other installation work, minimising labour and logistics costs. A modular container houses the pre-filtration system, allowing for solution mobility. It is also a clean, zero emission solution that eliminates the need for chemicals, generators or utility supply. In addition to negligible running costs, it offers the convenience of quiet operation.

ManAqua can be tailored to operational needs, including a water supply from various tank sizes from within the ISO container or externally. For temporary applications in particular, the water purification can be housed in trailers for easy transport. For permanent applications, solar panels can be sized to supply other loads in addition to the water treatment system, maximising the use of a renewable resource. ManAqua can purify a variety of water types, including sweet, sea or brackish water. Depending on customer requirements, ManAqua can also be integrated with UV and anti-bacterial systems.