Mantrac was entrusted to provide power to mainline petrol pumps in Southern Nigeria and keep fuel shortages at bay. From proactively clearing the forest 15 months ago, to designing, engineering and construction, Mantrac delivered a complete turnkey solution with the sole help of local Nigerians.

11,000,000 USD

Contract value for the turnkey petroleum power plant


Electrical power of the medium speed generators

15 months

Record project completion time from clearing the land to providing powering

Overcoming unprecedented challenges to keep petrol shortages at bay in Nigeria's Middle Belt

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) had awarded Mantrac the project to deliver a turnkey power plant at a green field site in Southern Nigeria. Using only staff sourced from within Nigeria, Mantrac began clearing the forest cover of 25,000 m2 and constructing access roads, while the custom design and engineering of the petroleum power plan was being conducted to exacting specifications.

The generators were manufactured in record time — four D3516 generators at 1000 rpm, 3.3 kV with IP55 alternators — ready to pump petrol to Nigeria's Middle Belt. The generators underwent Factory Assessment Testing (FAT) with NNPC inspectors from the United States. Shortly after this time, the COVID-19 crisis became a pandemic and a nationwide lockdown was enforced. However, Mantrac received a special permit from the government to continue work with all precautions. Installation and commissioning was then completed by September of 2020. The power plant is set up to continue delivering uninterrupted fuel to the middle of Nigeria for years to come.