Mantrac conducted thorough risk mitigation study to explote the safest and most effective genset for operations a the power plant. A solution complete with safety features was successfully executed.

22 parameters

Studied during the Risk Mitigation exercise

6 countries

Sources of components for the entire genset solution

3 gensets

Two gas gensets and one emergency diesel genset

Setting up a total power plant solution in under 40 days

To ensure the highest quality materials for the Disoucu Power Plant, Mantrac sourced components for the solution from 6 different countries. All imports were facilitated within 35 days, including two Cat G3512 gas gensets (US), one Cat D3512 emergency diesel generator (UK), GCP (Germany) Cooling System (Italy), SWGR (Turkey). The enclosure was source locally in Egypt. All components were assembled in the Mantrac Free Zone and then transported to the customer site within 3 days.

To ensure safe operations, the units were packaged within sound attenuated enclosures, each with its own fire and gas (F&G) detection system, power distribution panel feeding units and enclosure auxiliaries. Carbon Monoxide catalysts were installed for the gas unit mufflers. Meanwhile, the Carbon Monixide and NOx emission treatment systems also fed into the diesel unit. Mantrac completed the power plant with complete civil and electromechanical works, including concrete bases, digging cable trenches and laying the piping, power and control cables. Finally, thorough documentation of the design and equipment drawings, static calculation for civil work, technical specifications and all manuals were provided to the customer for seamless operation and management of the power plant.