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Cat Payload For Articulated Trucks

Maximise the load trucks carry with on-the-go weighing

Cat® Production Measurement provides real-time payload weighing to help operators optimize hauling potential and maximize productivity. Automated tracking helps site managers monitor material movement and efficiency metrics to manage production, improve jobsite efficiency, and lower costs.

Measure productivity

Instantly receive feedback to ensure trucks are fully loaded, ensuring better utilisation.

Real time weighing

Easy-to-read display and real time in-cab feedback provides operators with all the information needed to signal when target payload is achieved.

Efficient operation

Effective solution to better manage total machine maintenance and repair cost.

Maximum productivity and profitability

Keep production targets on track using Cat® Payload technologies. Track production right from the cab or remotely when combined with Cat Link technologies.

Increase productivity

  • Increase productivity – real-time payload weighing information and instant feedback keeps haul trucks fully loaded, moving, and reaching maximized production levels – and the fleet working at optimum potential.
  • Work confidently, without estimation – in-cab monitor displays payload weight and status and external lights automatically signal loader operator when target payload is achieved.
  • Enhance hauling capability – load trucks to capacity without overloading; move more material aligning to machine capability and performance.
Lower costs

Improve jobsite efficiency, lower costs – optimize machine use; reduce over- and under-loading, component wear, and cycles; save time, labor, fuel, and costs.

Boost accuracy

  • Advanced weighing features and easy-to-view display and payload status indicators assist with payload accuracy and speed the loading cycle.
  • Real-time weighing – displays immediate load weights in the cab and continuous payload weight during travel.
  • Carry-back compensation – calculates material not dumped with last weighed load for accurate production values.
  • Empty weight calibration – allows the operator to re-zero empty weight of truck and compensate for drifting.
  • Color display – integrated in-cab display provides clear view of payload data and unobstructed view of work area.
  • Resettable trip and materials totals – tracks production by operator, job-site, and material type.
  • External payload lights – green and red lights signal real-time load status to loader operator: empty, partial, last pass, and fully loaded. Visible on all four corners of the cab.
Productivity monitoring

  • Automatically track material movement, monitor daily progress, and make timely decisions to keep the operation running at peak efficiency using online visionlink payload reporting.
  • View trends to help improve bidding accuracy and profitability.

Rethink Machine Technology | Cat® Payload Systems

Overloading doesn't just increase fuel costs. It also impacts safety, tire costs, component life and more.

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