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Combined Heat CHP

Mantrac Kenya’s CHP solutions allow you to save on your energy costs while guaranteeing a reliable energy supply for your business.

In many industrial installations, such as production facilities, refineries and regional district heating plants, operating costs are reduced by implementing a combined heat and power system (CHP) with clean pipeline natural gas as a fuel. 

Cat® gas-powered generator sets can simultaneously deliver electrical energy for electrical loads and heat energy for the heating of industrial plants. While the efficiency of separate grid power and natural gas boilers is often less than 50%, our CHP projects offer:

  • Energy efficiency of up to 90%.
  • Lower energy costs than with separate heat and power generation systems.
  • Lower emissions than with separate heat and power generation systems.

At Mantrac Kenya we configure any Cat natural gas-fuelled engine for applications involving heat recovery. While the engine drives a Cat gas generator set to produce electricity, jacket water or exhaust cooling circuits are fed through heat exchangers transferring the wasted heat from the engine to a customer's hot water or steam circuit.

This hot water or steam can then be effectively used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Caterpillar also offer customized cogeneration package proposals, including the required mechanical equipment and controls to capture and transfer the engine thermal energy to an industrial facility. In addition, Caterpillar offer exhaust emissions aftertreatment to ensure that you operate in full compliance of environmental regulations.


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