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Cat Grade With Sequence Assist For Scrapers

Automate cutting edge height for an even finish

Cat® Grade with Load Assist automates loading the bowl with the push of a button. As the machine approaches the cut, the operator activates Load Assist, automating the cutting-edge height. GPS technology and integrated sensors ensure consistent loading every time.

Increase tire life

Preventing overcutting reduces stress on scraper tires.

Lower fuel burn

Optimal grading maximises output with minimum fuel.

Lower costs

Maintenance at a lower frequency lowers costs.

Maximum productivity and profitability

Keep operators comfortable and get work done by integrating productivity technology for your Scraper. Ultimately, this enhances profitability for your operations.

Improve productivity

  • Load assist uses integrated sensors and GPS technology to provide consistent performance and efficient bowl loading in self-loading, push-loading and push-pull loading applications.
  • Load assist controls the cutting-edge depth at an optimal machine speed in order to load the bowl effectively.
  • Move material in the right place the first time, in order reduce cost and time.
  • Created to work in conjunction with external site system solutions for ease of operations.
Integrated Cat technology

  • Work confidently, without guesswork by integrating load assist, with sequence assist, and cat grade control.
  • Functions for push-pull, push-loading and self-loading applications are made simple for new or experienced operators with load assist, sequence assist, and cat grade control.
  • Establishes consistent productivity from operators at all experience levels.
  • Reduce tire wear, slip, and fuel burn to a minimal with the use of load assist.
  • Technology designed to ensure seamless system integration with grade control and sequence assist.
Operator efficiency

  • Simplifying operator controls to a push of a button on the ergonomic joystick, reduces operator fatigue.
  • Enhance new or experienced operators, to be more efficient and effective with simple automated functions.
  • Automating functions reduces operator inputs for apron height, throttle, steering and differential lock during the loading segment of the work cycle cuts down on possible operator error and eliminating rework.

Cat® Grade Control for Scrapers: Load Assist

Cat Grade Control with Load Assist automatically controls cutting edge lift as you enter the cut, then maintains optimum cut depth to prevent tire slip until bowl is filled. Load Assist limits tire slip, helping to minimize tire wear and reduce fuel consumption. It's fully integrated with Sequence Assist.

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