Build the framework for pipelines that span hundreds of kilometres. Use machines that clear your obstacles in the toughest site conditions.

Facilitating a healthy flow of profits for pipeline industry operations

Whether you are working on mainline or distribution lines and stations, expansions, repairs, integrity projects, anomaly investigations or double-jointing we have experts ready to assist you wherever your project takes you.

Whether you are operating in your home country, abroad or across multiple countries with your project, you can expect consistency and reliability from your Mantrac branch - guaranteeing you better uptime, more reliable support and reduced unanticipated costs.

Pipeline Experts

You can guarantee your servicing and procurement needs will be handled by a Mantrac expert familiar with your industry and requirements.

Our Cat machines are internationally recognised due to their long-standing history as industry leaders. Expect the best efficiency and continuous uptime with our machines.

Ensure price realisation for a project by having predictable costs. Our experts will offer you a consistent experience and foreseeable price ranges across all our branches.

Our leading equipment has constantly improved over the years and having innovative technology to help streamline your operations and reduce costs, including Productlink and Visionlink.

Mantrac offers machinery from brands other than Cat, as well as a full range of attachments, to ensure you have specialised machinery to meet your requirements.

We take pride in being a holistic solutions provider for all your needs. By providing the consulting, infrastructure, procurement support and sourcing, we enable you to provide total solutions to your customer needs as well.

We are committed to providing everything you need to achieve pipeline construction and maintenance. That's why we carry proven systems and offer a single point of contact for continued support during your project.

Popular Industry Solutions

Mantrac customers have successfully applied our tailored solutions across industry applications.

D9R Dozer
Large Dozers

D9R Dozer

Operating Weight 48784 kg

1 Forward 3.9 km/h