Grade more distance faster with cross slope

Minimise costs by reaching target grade quickly and save costs associated with time, labor, fuel, and material consumption. Work safer with fewer ground personnel checking grade measurements. Integrated switches allow for setting and adjusting target cross slope data during operation.

It also ensures proper drainage on roads, reducing costs and requires less maintenance. Reduce the number of passes and burn less fuel by establishing proper slopes.


Lower material usage


Improvement in grading efficiency


Upgrade from 2D with no extra sensors

Every 0.5% deviation from the target slope can increase material quantities by 20%. Cat Grade with Cross Slope helps you control this wastage without compromising on quality of grade, bringing you greater savings and returns.

Save Up To 40% In Material
Save Up To 40% In Material

  • Cat® Grade with Cross Slope decreases the amount of time and fuel that it takes to prepare the sub-base and ensures the highest levels of accuracy.
  • Monitor cross slope information and view real-time data on the machine display screen.
  • Maintain desired cross slope as circle rotates.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity up to 50% through a reduction in time, fuel, and passes.
  • Automatically control the blade for accurate grading and reduce time checking the grade.

More Productivity
More Productivity

  • Maintain a smooth, consistent slope when the blade is lowered or raised with no lag between automatic and manually controlled sides of the moldboard.
  • Operators can set the target cross slope on the main display in the machine. It automatically controls one end of the blade to reduce operator fatigue.
  • Operators can adjust and view the cross slope information on the integrated display system.
  • Only cat grade cross slope uses the cross coupling software to ensure a uniform elevation correction is made across the entire cutting edge of the blade. Without the software, the automatic side of the blade relies on the sensors for correction, which can delay the blade.
  • Cross coupling software uses the standard electro-hydraulic circuit to adjust the automatic side of the blade and mimics the manual elevation adjustments made by the operator.

Factory Integrated Software
Factory Integrated Software

  • Get to work with cross slope integrated at the factory. The controls, display, sensors, and software are installed and calibrated at the factory.
  • Factory integrated display screen makes controlling the cross slope easy for operators to see the information without the need for multiple screens.
  • Factory setup makes it easy and cost-effective to upgrade to 2D or 3D systems. No need for extra sensors.

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