Utilising Cat® gensets in an anaerobic digestion system, Mantrac delivered a waste water treatment solution that minimises sludge and generates over 110,000 kWh a day.


Self sufficiency in electricity generation


Reduction in sludge produced

160,000 kWh

Maximum energy generation with biogas

Building one of Egypt's largest water treatment plant and creating a new market

Suez's operations in Alexandria had several operational objectives for profitable and sustainable operations. The company wanted to reduce the impact of wastewater treatment, minimising the nuisance for people living close to the plant and landfill. Additionally, Suez wanted to reuse any sludge to generate electricity and income.

Mantrac proposed and delivered a state of the art solution that not only met Suez targets, but also created market outlets to sell leftover sludge as fertiliser. Using 5 Cat® Bio Gas gensets, ideal for the anaerobic treatment of the waste water, the plant was able to generate electicity between 110,000 and 160,000 kWh a day.