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ISO 15143-3 (AEMP 2.0) API


Import telematics data into your own applications for improved fleet management. Our API meets AEMP 2.0 and ISO 15143-3 standards, ideal for mixed fleets.

Improved data access

Integrate multiple APIs that conform to industry standards. Store data for unlimited amounts of time on your system. Access data from Product Link connected assets (with subscription).

Control costs

Make informed decisions about your fleet. Monitor & improve machine productivity & utilization. Decrease fuel & maintenance costs. Pay a one-time fee for API out (up to 10,000 calls daily).

Save time

Create a single dashboard to monitor your mixed fleets, eliminating the need to access multiple systems. Utilize Cat Connect Support for onboarding, technical assistance and troubleshooting.

Maximum productivity and profitability

Link telematics technologies gather and present data from your equipment, materials and people. With easy access to your data, you get the insights you need to take fleet management to a new level.

How do APIs work?

  • Data is generated by your equipment.
  • Data flows from Product Link™ connected assets to the Caterpillar database, where it is stored.
  • ISO 15143-3 facilitates extraction and transfer of raw data and processed information into your database.
  • Data is stored on your server indefinitely and used for any purposes you require, such as trending, business intelligence and equipment histories.
  • Raw data can be organized and analyzed, providing useful information about machine health, fuel usage, operating and idle hours, location, etc.
  • These important insights can help inform business decisions – resulting in decreased fuel consumption, reduced maintenance costs, better equipment performance and improved operator productivity.
Data types for API

Snapshot is the last reported value and provides a view of an individual piece of equipment (or fleet) at a single point in time.

  • Header information (equipment header) [snapshot]
  • Last known location (only one data point) [snapshot]
  • Operating hours [snapshot]
  • Cumulative fuel used [snapshot]
  • Fuel used in the preceding 24 hours [snapshot]
  • Cumulative idle operating hours [snapshot]
  • Fuel remaining ratio [snapshot]
  • DEF remaining ratio [snapshot]
  • Engine condition [snapshot]
  • Cumulative load count [snapshot]
  • Cumulative payload totals [snapshot]
  • Diagnostic trouble codes [time series]

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