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Seals And O-Rings

Parts we proudly call the best mechanical gaskets in the world

Our Cat® O-rings, also referred to as “toric joints”, are used on all Cat machines, equipment and power systems that prove durability and reliability around the world on a daily basis.

These small but powerful parts prevent fluid contamination and deliver long, leak-free performance, even under the most demanding conditions on the planet.

Standard Setting Features

Superior resistance to compression set, which helps you meet or exceed SAE standards.

Perfect Fitting

These parts are specifically matched to your Cat system's different fluid types, temperatures, and pressures.

Improved Installation and Performance

Special dimensional tolerances and O-Ring coatings offer simple installation and better productivity.

Branded and Guaranteed

All Seals and O-rings are marked with the Cat logo and part number for easy identification and protection against low-performing counterfeit seals