Discovering the potential of the Backhoe Loader

Milembe Construction Co. Ltd does a lot of construction work in rural Tanzania, with a need for equipment that can travel long distances. We helped identify the machine that would be best suited for the company — the Cat® Backhoe Loader. The machine is able to perform many functions, including excavation, logging, grubbing and grading.

"We took advantage of this. I think that's one of the reasons our company has grown. We discovered the potential that lies in the Backhoe," says Ephraim Kakwabanga, Managing Director of the company. We continue to support Milembe Construction Ltd. by maximising equipment lifecycles and return on investment.

“We were told that Cat® can give you a machine for life. We tried it and we proved it. I can show you machines I bought second-hand in 2001 and they still run for many hours today.”

Ephraim Kakwabanga

Managing Director, Milembe Construction Co. Ltd.

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