This project played an important role in doubling of Egypt's gas reserves. To ensure success , Mantrac conducted a complete risk assessment, sourced the best material from 5 countries and executed a reliable and cost-effective solution using Cat and non-Cat products.

850 billion ft3

Available gas in the Zohr gas field


Number of Cat® generators in Phase 1 and Phase 2

1500 metres

Depth at the site, located 180 kilometre from Port Said

Emergency generators to power offshore operations 180 km off Port Said

Mantrac designed, manufactured, packaged and transported emergency diesel generators to power operations at the Zohr natural gas field, the largest of its kind in the Mediterranean sea. After conducting a thorough risk assessment covering 35 parameters, Mantrac determining the probability, severity and risk level for each and recommended preventative actions and contingency plans. This informed the solution provided by Mantrac, configuring it to minimise risk and maintain a high level of performance.

By importing the best components from five countries, Mantrac ensured the a high-quality solution. Daily tanks and enclosures came locally from Egypt, while other components were imported. Cat generators came from the UK, GCP, DC Control Systems and DC Starting Systems came from Germany, and SWG, NGR, Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting systems came from Turkey. The entire solution was then assembled in the Mantrac free zone and transported to the site.