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Hardware And Fasteners

Durability and productivity, starting from the basic elements

Our range of Cat Hardware and Fasteners meet the needs for Cat machines as well as other equipment manufacturers. We supply both general duty bolts for normal applications and high strength bolts for demanding applications.

Choose from a wide selection of washers, nuts, clips, clamps and other hardware, made from durable materials to enhance usage and ultimately asset lifecycles.

Standard Setting

Cat® Bolts are built to exceed SAE Grade 8 standards and ISO 10.9 strength specifications for improved reusability and longer wear.

Perfect Fit

Cat has over 1,700 different bolts, offering various grip lengths, thread sizes and finishes.

Corrosion Resistance

Several bolts come with a Zinc Flake finish, which offers greater resistance to corrosion than bolts with a Zinc Plate coating.

System Efficiency

All Cat Hardware and Fasteners are engineered to work in perfect synchronisation with your assets.