The construction industry plays a central role in the economy across Africa. Construction requirements are diverse and include everything from quarrying and mining to forestry and construction of infrastructure such as roads and buildings.

To help you choose the right equipment for your operations, Mantrac Live & Cat Expo Live are bringing you a series of live events. Our online webinars will give you the full customer experience showcasing the best we have to offer in the form of exclusive product demonstrations, new product launches, best practices, and Q&As with experts.

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Upcoming construction webinars

Check below for our upcoming live webinars. Once these webinars have taken place, you can come back here to watch the recording.

The Road Makers: Compaction & Paving
Date : Feb 07, 2023

Soil compaction is a crucial part of the construction process as it provides a strong working platform. A strong soil base is the foundation and the project depends on its strength and performance, both during construction and once the pavement structure is in place. In this live presentation you will:

  • Learn why appropriate compaction equipment should be selected and properly operated during paving
  • Learn which compactor is the ideal model for Africa
  • Get an introduction to the newly launched Caterpillar asphalt paver and its features
The Budget Alternatives
Date : Mar 07, 2023

Cashflow issues, small contracts or unexcepted events causing projects to be put on hold are no stranger in the construction world. When this happens, investing in premium equipment can be a hard decision to make, but you shouldn’t compromise. Top equipment contributes to your reputation, productivity, long-term savings and ensure your equipment maintains its resale value. Our consultant will discuss:

  • How to acquire second-hand equipment with no risks
  • What makes rental the best option and when to consider it
The Earth Movers: Excavation
Date : Nov 01, 2022

Excavation is critical for every construction project because it creates a strong foundation for the project and provides a stable surface. Our experts’ discussion will cover:

  • Latest excavation equipment
  • How to pick the correct application and impact for your business
  • Excavator maintenance best practice
The Earth Movers: Utility Jobs
Date : Nov 29, 2022

From construction, small demolitions, light transportation of building materials, digging holes, landscaping, breaking asphalt, or paving roads… the backhoe loader can do it all! This live event will cover:

  • Demonstrations and exciting updates of the most popular backhoe loaders in the market
  • What to consider when selecting your backhoe
  • How versatile attachments can help you create more job opportunities and increase your productivity
The Earth Movers: Hard Land Clearing
Date : Jan 10, 2023

Before any construction can begin on site, it’s important to clear the land by knocking down large trees or removing heavy boulders to ensure you operate in a safe environment. Track Type Tractors are built with the right combination of stability and power. This live session will:

  • Uncover Caterpillar's full line up of machines and their application
  • Analyse the latest GC series of dozers from an operation perspective
  • Present useful tips on how technology and undercarriage care can drastically reduce your owning and operating costs