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Flexible and customisable, Mantrac can develop and commission solar powered installations integrating your existing genset, grid, energy storage systems and other power sources.

As the leading expert of Caterpillar power solutions, our roof or ground-mounted solar solutions are the safest investment for manufacturing, banks, telecom providers, data centres, construction, mining and agricultural sites. Use our Payback Calculator now to see how much you could save!

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1. Tell us your average electric power demand

The power demand represents the amount of electrical power that must be generated at any given time. For example, if your operation is powered off-grid by three generators of 600 kVA each, your average power demand could be 3*600 = 1,800 kVA.


These preliminary values are our estimation of how much space is needed to supply your average electric power demand.

6090m² (approx.)

Recommended space requirement

2. Where would you install your photovoltaic panels?

Our solar PV modules can be installed on a roof or on the ground, depending on your space availability.

3. What is your available space?

The square metre area directly relates to how much sunlight can be captured from your solar system.

Nearest City

Available sunlight varies by location and influences the potential to generate solar power

4. Rate your current power source mix

Just like our multi-integrated solar solution, your business can rely on multiple power sources.If you rely on sources other than gensets and your national grid, we can provide you with a tailored estimation at no extra cost


5. What is your average electricity bill per year in $USD?

Your yearly grid power payments will be compared to an equivalent solar power alternative. Our calculator only supports US dollars, so please convert from your local currency.

6. What is your annual genset running cost in $USD?

Yearly costs of fuel consumption and service can be reduced or eliminated with a solar alternative. Our calculator only supports US dollars, so please convert from your local currency.

7. How many hours per day are you operating?

Your electricity consumption represents the amount of electricity that has been consumed over a certain time-period. Solar substitution during the day will allow great return on your investment.


8. How many days a year are you open?

Solar system can be leveraged year-round and generate surplus energy which can be stored and used as an additional power source.

9. Contact Information

Share your contact information to receive a breakdown of your potential savings by integrating or switching to a solar power solution. Your results will also be visible on submission.

Based on your grid reliance of 30% at the rate of USD $25,000/year as well as your reliance on the power generators 100% at a cost of $1,000,000 yearly, your potential savings are:

Estimated savings per year


Payback period estimation

3 years

Carbon footprint reduction

3 CO2 tons/y

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Disclaimer: Estimated figures are based on theoretical data, power factor 0.8, mono-crystalline panel type, average solar density per regions, 100% power generator optimum run load, average 2.9kg of CO2 emission per diesel litre, and for an estimated 0.35L fuel consumption per kWh.