Mantrac crafted a new repairs program called "Hubble Electric Power Prime", designed to help companies conduct repairs independently. Asfour Engineering was the one of the first customers under the pilot program.


Cat 3406 engines in the fleet


Cat 3304 engines among assets


kits purchased, packaged for 3412 and 3406 engines

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The promise of economic growth with the power of natural gas

Asfour Engineering is a leading power generation rental company based in Alexandria, Egypt. Mainly serving the oil, gas and agriculture industries, their large fleet is nearly exclusively Cat equipment and consists of more than 600 units. The company decided to join us in our pilot program, which provided a unique repair solution with original Cat parts that would increase asset lifespans and decrease maintenance costs.

Considering the customer's need for more on-site and in-house rebuild work, our team provided kits that were customised with all the basic parts to perform overhauls. This included head rebuilds, foundational gasket replacements and all-inclusive rodless liner kits. “This was a great opportunity to identify customer goals and demonstrate our value with a before-and-after analysis," said Ramy Ramadan, Mantrac's Mining Segment and Area Parts Sales Manager. Our team continues to monitor the overhauled fleet, which continues to prove that Cat parts deliver better performance.

“We provided a solution with a key advantage; treat the wastewater to extract the methane burned in the generators, reducing consumption of electricity from the public grid.”

Mahmoud El Shendidi

Project Management Engineer, Mantrac

“We provide efficient systems that run smoothly for thousands of hours with low maintenance costs. Many competitors cannot achieve that.”

Ahmed Aly

Group Gas Segment Manager, Mantrac

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